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“Ms. Kempe amazes me with her wonderful writing talent.”

     ~ Coffee Time Romance and More

“I’ve said it before (yesterday in fact) but Kempe is a delightful writer…
A triumph I reckon, a genuinely intelligent, entertaining read.”

~ Unbound

C. Margery Kempe is a writer of erotic romance distinguished by its humour, intelligence and fearless sensual pleasures. Her stories range from contemporary thrillers to medieval era fairy tales. An English professor by day, she also writes on medieval literature, film, creative writing and New Media, as well as humor, drama, mainstream and genre fiction under her real name, crime as Graham Wynd, and non-explicit romance as Kit Marlowe.

Her first novel Chastity Flame has received rave reviews and is now a trilogy from Tirgearr Publishing (under her given name).

“Chastity Flame is full of sexual tension, and has a twist that I honestly was not expecting. The adventures in the storyline kept me coming back to read more, and I was quite satisfied with the ending. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you firmly in your seat, then this one is the one!”
— Whipped Cream

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