Ravenous Ornery Eleven BBT Tour

Eleven authors from Ravenous Romance will be hitting the blogosphere in a whirlwind tour this April. Kudos to Inara for setting up the tour. Chat with all of your favorite Ravenous Romance authors! Here are the stops and the featured authors:

4/18 Zhadi’s Den
Introductory stop

4/19 Jennifer’s Random Musings
Elle Amery

4/20 Unbound
Lisa Lane

4/21 Talk About My Favorite Authors
Angela Cameron

4/22 Kissa Starling
Em Lynley

4/23 The Countess
Jamaica Layne

4/24 PNR Inklings Blog at Paranormal Romance
Sephera Giron

4/25 Wicked Thorn and Roses
Isabel Roman

4/27 Sia McKaye’s Thoughts On…
Neve Black

4/29 Bryn Greenwood
C. Margery Kempe

4/30 Bookwenches
Savannah Chase

5/1 Neve Black
Inara LaVey

5/2 Night Owl Romance
Final stop, with notes from Lori Perkins and Holly Schmidt

6 thoughts on “Ravenous Ornery Eleven BBT Tour

  1. Me, too! I haven’t done a blog tour like this before, so it’s going to be a great learning experience. Glad there’s a bunch of us all going together. 😀

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