Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Blog Tour

Eleven of Ravenous Romance’s authors will be cruising the net, stopping to chat at blogs along the way about writing, their work, and life as an erotic author.

The RR Ornery Eleven will be giving away three $5.00 gift certificates for Ravenous on three random stops. You won’t know which ones until the tour is over, so visit as many as you can! And if you leave a comment on every stop in the RR Ornery Eleven BBT, you’re eligible to win a $25 gift certificate from Ravenous Romance!

Winners will be contacted by email (so make sure to leave your email addresses in your comments!) and the official announcement will be made on May 9th at Night Owl Romance and at Zhadi’s Den!

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The Ornery Eleven Blog Tour Schedule:

04/18 – Zhadi’s Den – Intro Stop
04/19 – Jennifer’s Random Musings – Elle Amery
04/20 – Unbound – Lisa Lane
04/21 – Talk About My Favorite Authors – Angela Cameron
04/22 – Kissa Starling – EM Lynley
04/23 – The Countess – Jamaica Layne
04/24 – PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance – Sephera Giron
04/25 – Wicked Thorn and Roses – Isabel Roman
04/27 – Sia’s Thoughts on… – Neve Black
04/29 – Bryn Greenwood – C. Margery Kempe
04/30 – Bookwenches – Savannah Chase http://www.bookwenches.com
05/01 – Neve Black – Inara LaVey http://www.neveblack.com/blog
05/02 – Night Owl Romance – Final Stop http://www.nightowlromanceblog.blogspot.com

Author Website Urls:

Inara LaVey
Jamaica Layne
C. Margery Kempe
Lisa Lane
Elle Amery
Isabel Roman
Savannah Chase
Neve Black
Sèphera Girón
Angela Cameron
EM Lynley

New Ravenous Author blog

Ravenous Romance


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