Ornery 11 @ Bryn Greenwood’s

Yep, today is my day to shine! Bryn Greenwood is hosting the blog tour over at her site and playing the gracious hostess to our ornery bunch — alright, we’re not really ornery, we’re actually a lot of fun and mostly quite sweet. Thanks again to the fabulous Dana to putting this complicated journey together.

As always, drop by, leave a comment, be entered to win a copy of Chas *and* a gift certificate to Ravenous Romance.

MY CONTEST: leave a comment here and be entered to win the chance to be a character in the sequel to Chastity Flame!

7 thoughts on “Ornery 11 @ Bryn Greenwood’s

  1. I have sincerely enjoyed the blog tour of the Ornery Eleven (I’vehit every stop) and enjoyed the discussion on ebooks today. I would be lost without my reader. I like the portability, and the variety of books available. I would love to be a character in your next book, and you can use either my name or my web name.
    Nancy G. aka joshgranny

  2. Hello Darling! I’m delighted just knowing that there is a second Chastity Flame book coming – but if I (or even a thinly-veiled roman a clef version) could be a character in it, that would take it to a whole new level… (no offense, Nancy G. – wanna wrestle for it?)

  3. You know, it would be quite easy to have noted author Inara Lavey show up with hunky boy toy David (how would you like your pecs portrayed, sir?) as special guests as the sex club 😉

    Now, Nancy — what should we do with you?

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