My London Debut

I had my London debut at Waterstone’s Notting Hill on Saturday June 29th. I was part of the Red Rabbit Books reading. Here I am with organiser Mark Farley, who also read. Also reading were the fabulous Sofia Portland, Lucy Felthouse and Maxim Jakubowski, formerly the proprietor of Murder One Books on Charing Cross Road. It was a fun evening and a good crowd. I read my story “Park Larks” which will appear in the soon to be released Bunnie 3, The Great Outdoors. We had fun chatting in the pub afterward, too. Lucy and Sophia were relieved because they were nervous about the reading, but they were both wonderful and read terrific stories. Mine was a bit long, so I only read half, breaking off at a crucial point to leave the audience in suspense. With luck they’ll want to buy the issue to see what happens!


2 thoughts on “My London Debut

  1. Just spotted this post… and yes, if I wasn’t already getting one, I’d definitely want a copy of Bunnie to read the rest of your story, I can’t wait to find out what happens! x

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