Coming: I Kissed a Girl

sm-ikissedagirl1I Kissed a Girl: A Virgin Lesbian Anthology edited by Regina Perry releases August 27th

Table of Contents
Freckles by C. Margery Kempe
Two’s Company by Louisa Bacio
Champagne by Inara LaVey
Get Thee to the Nunnery by Samantha Jones
Lady’s Maid by K. Ann Karlsson
The Tiger’s Tale by Kilt Kilpatrick
Passions, Like Storms by Nola Erus
When I Taste Like a Waste I Breathe by Farrah J. Phoenix
My New Roommate by Jen Bluekissed
The End of the World by L.A. Mistral
Show Me Yours by Lucy Felthouse
Defining Lines by Regina Perry

Katy Perry’s hit song I Kissed a Girl brought bisexuality to the forefront. I admit I was amazed when I heard my neighbor’s five-year-old daughter singing the entire song, never missing a word or beat. Alternative lifestyles are open for discussion—no longer taboo.

Since Dr. Alfred Kinsey released his first reports on human sexual behavior in 1948, society has been in the process of accepting that almost all healthy men and women have some homosexual tendencies. Instead of hiding these inclinations in shame, it’s time to celebrate our desires and be comfortable in our own skin. No labels, no judgment—only enlightenment and tolerance.

I’m not suggesting that all humans are bisexual. As I have discovered, being aroused by an erotic story doesn’t label anyone. I can get excited reading BDSM, but don’t try spanking me in bed. Because I am passionate about same-sex erotica does not make me bisexual, but it has enhanced my ability to love and accept.

This anthology is a collection of lesbian first-time encounters. I am delighted with the diversity of this collection. I hope you enjoy and share my passion for exploring new boundaries.
Regina Perry
July 2009

I Kissed a Girl: A Virgin Lesbian Anthology

You’ve heard Katy Perry’s hit song, now read enticing stories of heterosexual women exploring new boundaries. College dormitories become breeding grounds of inquisitive minds and libidos with roommates discovering desire for each other as they relate past experiences, undress in each other’s presence, seek refuge from a storm, discover a dildo or share men. Continuing life’s path, ingenious women find ways to enhance marriage or the workplace. Champagne cellars, riding stables, tanning salons, even historical English bedchambers become hotbeds of lesbian experiments. Converting or not, all embrace the journey of sexual exploration.

Warning: Stories contained within this anthology may elicit arousal, regardless of sexual persuasion.


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