Reading Chastity

The Hot Summer reading at East Line Books went gloriously well. There was great food and wonderful desserts, trivia and much fun. The women who came were all delightful, as was our hostess Robyn and her daughter Lily. There was a nice variety of readers, both personal essays and some hot romance. One woman read both an essay about on-line dating and an excerpt from her first romance novel which has sparked interest from Harlequin. Another read an hilarious essay about buying condoms for her son’s study abroad trip. I got to meet local writer Jackie Kessler, who read from one of her steamy Hell on Earth titles, Hell’s Belles.

My pal Jenise snapped this photo of me holding up the cover art for Chastity Flame. The problem with e-books is that you don’t have anything tangible to sell, so I thought I should have some kind of visual aid, so I stopped by the office supply store and had them print the cover on some nice card stock and then laminate it. Voilà! The gals in the copy center gave enthusiastic thumbs up on the cover art, too.

I read the beginning of “Love on a Spoon” explaining that I had been inspired to choose that story because my free Nutella mugs had just arrived. I stopped just when things were getting naughty because Robyn had thought it best to keep things PG. The audience wanted more, so I read a little from the beginning of Chas, apologizing because I forgot about the little (non-PG!) encounter she recalls at the start, but no one seemed to be the least bit bothered (just the opposite, in fact). It was great fun and I got lots of compliments.

I’m off to Pi-Con tomorrow with my alter ego. See you there, folks.


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