Kissing and Telling

First let me tell you about the new release this Thursday from Ravenous Romance: yes, it’s the anthology I Kissed a Girl which features a whole bunch of great writers, including me! Editor Regina Perry has chosen a wide range of tales to interest you:

Freckles by C. Margery Kempe
Two’s Company by Louisa Bacio
Champagne by Inara LaVey
Get Thee to the Nunnery by Samantha Jones
Lady’s Maid by K. Ann Karlsson
The Tiger’s Tale by Kilt Kilpatrick
Passions, Like Storms by Nola Erus
When I Taste Like a Waste I Breathe by Farrah J. Phoenix
My New Roommate by Jen Bluekissed
The End of the World by L.A. Mistral
Show Me Yours by Lucy Felthouse
Defining Lines by Regina Perry

Enjoy! I should also tell you about Pi-Con, which was fun but a bit of a comedy of errors on my part. I arranged to have lunch with an old friend I haven’t see in years, but then to my horror discovered that my 2pm panel had been moved to 1pm, so I missed it completely. Argh! But the rest of the day was fun even though I didn’t get to catch up with the other RR authors in attendance. Next time! Or come to Albacon!


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