Reviews & Guest Blogging

Just an update: tomorrow I will be the official Ravenous Romance Wednesday @ Unbound author, so drop by and leave me some love — or at least comments. We always have a great time with host HagelRat and our RR wrangler, Dana/Inara.

We’ve garnered some great reviews for I Kissed A Girl. The latest comes from Amy at My Overstuffed Bookshelf:

WOW! If you don’t have a fan blowing on you before you start to read this, be sure to break it out! This book is an anthology of different short stories of Lesbian encounters. Now, I know I am only into men, namely my hubby. So I was comfortable with my sexuality enough that I had no problems or hesitancy in reading these erotic stories. They are well written, and they show how lesbian relationships are not something to be embarrassed by. This book breaks the wall down on sexual relations and the people who are afraid to admit their sexual fantasies.

Nice, eh?

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