Ravenous TV

Hold onto your remotes! Ravenous Romance will be hitting the Home Shopping Network this week with a super deal. Tune in tomorrow, 9/14 at 8:35 AM and 4:35 PM, or 3:00 AM Tuesday to watch the fabulous Holly Schmidt in her national TV debut! Or you can order these EXCLUSIVE six-book sets on HSN.com! Congrats to all of our amazing authors on this exciting opportunity!

I just love finding new ways to sell books!


2 thoughts on “Ravenous TV

  1. Hi Margery!

    Do you know if the times mentioned are Eastern Standard? Mountain Standard? Central Standard? or Pacific Standard?

    Also, do you know if Sex & Shoes, the Anthology will be offered?


    Lilah Rune

  2. That’s one of my pet peeves on the net, not including time zones! I *believe* it is Eastern since the show tapes in Florida.

    None of the anthologies are included yet, but if this goes well, there’s likely to be many more offerings. One thing that has been a consideration all along is the requirements to be more PG and strictly M/F so it has limited the choices a bit.

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