Okay, one of the best comments I’ve had, especially for a short story:

Freckles – CM Kempe
adorable, sexy, brilliant. I am now a certified fan of Kempe’s writing. There is something sweet and innocent about our girl in this one which oddly doesn’t vanish when she gets involved in a threesome with her boyfriend.

Thanks to Hagelrat at Un:Bound, home of the Ravenous Romance Wednesday. She’s got some fine things about pal Inara LaVey, too:

Ripping the Bodice – Inara LaVey
Ok well this one i read cover to cover in one sitting. I loved out overly romantic heroine, too busy swooning over the handsome hero to notice the really sexy boy who she should clearly be with. Inara has a humerous and affectionate tone and her characters are a delight. Having written outside the genre she brings an atypical attitude to her story that drew me in and convinced me there might be more to romance novels than Mills & Boon covers suggest. If you want something a little more relaxed and natural with a bit of a wink to the camera then Inara is your girl.

Have to say I completely agree with that assessment. Ripping is a really ripping read! Check out the rest of what she has to say about some other Ravenous titles, too!


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