KISSED Reviewed: Dark Divas

Dark Diva Reviews has given a FOUR Delightful Divas rating to I KISSED A GIRL! In addition to an overall assessment, reviewer Melissa offers reviews of some of the individual tales. For my story “Freckles” she says:

My Review of Freckles: Ms. Kempe has written a quick, very hot story in Freckles. Lea seems to be a practical woman, while Keegan is just a slob. I really liked Bridey, with her fun, outgoing personality. The passion between Lea and Bridey is explosive, and, well, Keegan is still a slob.

She’s right!

Melissa gives kudos to other stories like Inara La Vey’s “Champagne” and Regina Perry’s “Defining Lines” as well as saying of the entire collection that, “each story is very erotic and well-written. I would recommend this book to be kept handy, say on your nightstand, for those nights that you need a quick story to get your motor running.”


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