Chas: Half Price TODAY!

Today only, Chastity Flame is HALF PRICE! Chas is the Five Star Book of the Day because of her glowing reviews, like Coffee Time Romance and More’s 5 Cup review and Un:Bound’s recent kudos for this Bond-like adventurer.

I know some folks will be delighted to know that after some delays caused by my busy academic career, I am back at work on the sequel to Chas, tentatively entitled LE PETITE MORT. Yes, the dishy Damien will return, but how are the lovers going to get around Monitor’s rules about no fraternising between agents? And what brings Chastity to the swinging London sex club for women — other than the obvious reasons, LOL! Ravenous fans with a sharp eye will notice some cameo appearances by familiar faces…

Speaking of treats, you can read my shortie “Stacks” in WildFire, the All Romance eBooks newsletter for Sept 4, 2009. As the title suggests, this is a quickie set in a library. Enjoy!

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