Upcoming Releases

Sex-CymbalsI just finished a round of edits on my story SEX CYMBALS which will be coming out as a mini from Freya’s Bower very soon; on December 7th, my medieval M/M retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, SPINNING GOLD, will come out from Noble Romance. Little titbits to tide you over while I’m working on the Chas sequel. So much to catch up on! While I was preparing my tenure file and dealing with some personal issues, I haven’t managed to do much of the fun writing. After I get a few more responsibilities out of the way (things I neglected while working on the tenure package!) I will be back to the steamy stuff with a vengeance! I feel as if I have been away from it for too long, but hopefully not everyone will have forgotten my name. And don’t forget you can also read my library story, STACKS, for free thanks to All Romance eBooks.


One thought on “Upcoming Releases

  1. Finishing the last lurid details of a novel about David Lecherman, a late night talk show host that had forgettable affairs with ambitious young ladies. Right now the fictitious character of this novel has entrapped me with a worthless 2 million dollar check. He claims this book was an attempt at extortion on his pathetic sexual adventures. Hope to be in print soon.

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