Reviewed: Spinning Gold

Check out the fabulous review by Eliza Rolle for my Noble Romance Naughty Nibble, “Spinning Gold”. Here’s a snippet:

This is only a short story, less than 25 pages, and obviously it can’t be so much developed, but nevertheless it’s a nice tale. Here obviously it can’t be arisen the old question of the chick in boy dress, since it’s clear that Freawyine is a boy who behaves like a girl: he was raised in that way, he is aware to be a boy, he is even well aware of his body desires, and not at all ashamed to satisfy them all alone in his bed, but for all the other side of his personality he is a girl. He likes boys, he thinks and behaves as a girl, he is not daring or strong, and he is fragile and delicate.

Read the rest at her blog and be sure to leave a comment to let her know you stopped by.

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