Three Cherries!

Chas CoverOver at Whipped Cream there’s a very nice (and favourable!) review of Chastity Flame. Reviewer Carnation ended her review with:

Chastity Flame is full of sexual tension, and has a twist that I honestly was not expecting. The adventures in the storyline kept me coming back to read more, and I was quite satisfied with the ending. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you firmly in your seat, then this one is the one!

A thoughtful review that provides useful feedback. I have to re-read the beginning and figure out what might have made it confusing. Writers are always looking for ways to improve.

I have been busy of late, but a lot of it is under wraps — hush, hush, secrets, something Chastity herself would understand, eh? I am trying to get moving on the sequel, but I’ve had an unfortunate week of illness that has thrown my life out of joint a bit. Trying to play catch up and get a bunch of submissions sent off. Keep your fingers crossed for me and my cohorts!

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