New Gig: Nights of Passion

I am joining the fabulous team over at Susan Hanniford Crowley‘s Nights of Passion blog. I first met Sue at Albacon and we had a terrific time hanging out; we also both took part in very fun late night reading of erotic stories. I think this will become a regular feature at Albacon.

I’ll be at Nights of Passion every Sunday, so please make a date with me and I’ll be sure to entertain you 😉

You’ll all be pleased to know that I am finally back to work on the sequel to Chastity Flame. Almost up to the “special guests” — the scene that has some of my fellow writers in it. I will of course have to run it by them to see if they’re happy with their portrayals. Can’t wait to see what they think! The sequel has an interesting new foil for Chas, further developments in her relationship with Damien — no, they’re not supposed to see each other! How will they cope with being separated?! Is their attraction stronger than their devotion to duty? And what’s this about a sex club for women…?!


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