Review: Spinning Gold

Elisabeth B. over at Bitten by Books has reviewed Spinning Gold, my Noble Romance Naughty Nibble, and had some good things to say about it:

“Spinning Gold” was an amusing take on the old Rumpelstiltskin tale where a young maiden is doomed to try and spin straw into gold – only this time around, that maiden is actually a man. It was interesting to consider that though Frea was genetically male, he lived his life as a woman and was highly skilled with textiles. The root of his father’s boast were grounded in actual mastery, and yet the drunkard gave no care as to how his behavior would affect his son. The story took on a more sexual bent than the traditional story and yet it seemed almost as innocent. The twists and turns at the end were both surprising and pleasing, if somewhat convenient. I enjoyed reading this…

Read the rest over at Bitten by Books and be sure to leave a comment to let them know you were there. It’s a delight to have reviews that are as detailed as this, particularly for a short story, and that show such knowledge of the genres. Yes, I do have a thing about folk and fairy-tales and I’m glad some other folks do, too.

I’m at work on two more short fairy tale stories and I have another with Jill at Noble. Fingers crossed that she likes them all: I look forward to having a nice collection of steamy and magical tales!

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