Join Me @ Noble Authors & Nights of Passion

Hey kids — it’s just too lonely blogging on my own, so I want to point you to two other places I will be blogging:

First, as has been the case for quite some time, I’m over at Nights of Passion every Sunday. Today I’m blogging about Girlfriends. Drop by and tell us about all the wonderful friends you have who help you out every day. Are there favourite girl friends from books that you’ve read that you’d like to praise, too?

I am also very pleased to announce that Noble Romance now has its own author blog, too. I’ll be there with all my fellow Noble authors like bosom buddy Kit Marlowe. Come by and join the fun: I’ll be blogging tomorrow about one of my major inspirations.

I’m pleased to say that after many false starts I am finally making some headway on the sequel to Chastity Flame, entitled Lush Situation. As usual, Chas will be knee deep in new mysteries and trying to figure out the complicated feelings she has for Damien — though of course they’re not supposed to be seeing each other at all. But when two people share such a powerful attraction, there’s not much that can keep them apart for long — and what’s this? Damien has a sister? And who are all these romance writers who show up? 😉

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