YA Romance

My story Dragger Ella has been released simultaneously as a both an Erotic Romance and as part of the new Noble line of Young Adult (YA) Romances. This is a first for me. The decision was made because the characters are actually high school seniors just about to graduate. I hadn’t really thought about that when I wrote it: I figured that the folks dragging around Connecticut’s streets were likely younger (there had been a few news stories about them) because older people just generally have more to risk (and could afford to be part of the semi-pro world of drag racing rather than racing in the streets.

But I don’t really know. Thanks again to Johnny 10X for his insight and assistance!

I added some local colour — mentioning towns and cities around the quiet corner and mid-Connecticut. There’s a direct reference to the Witch’s Dungeon and more oblique one to the Road Agents’ Hot Rod and Rockabilly Rumble (because I don’t think they run them any more). Yes, this is another one of my fairy tales; still plugging away at them while I work on other things. Despite the brevity of the individual tales, I hope to have a nice collection to put together perhaps by the end of the year if I can keep up the pace 🙂


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