Cover With Jimmy Thomas Contest

Have you ever dreamed of being a hero or heroine in a romance story? We know the answer – who hasn’t?

Noble Romance would like to give you the opportunity to fulfill that dream. We want to not only have you dictate the storyline, names of characters, and setting, but we want your image to appear on the cover of the finished story, with international romance novel cover model, Jimmy Thomas.

To enter the contest, this is what you have to do:

* Write down a story idea, in a contemporary setting.
* Name two characters, male/female; male/male
* Occupations, if important to your story idea
* Title
* Any pertinent details your story can’t live without

Two stories will be selected and your stories will be written within three weeks of the announcement of the winners. That announcement will be made on June 4th, on Facebook, and Twitter, with the winners being notified by e-mail.


* Author Bryl R. Tyne will write a story of 5-7 thousand words, incorporating as many details as you give him.
* Each winner will be asked to email us a photo they’d like to have on the cover alongside the gorgeous Jimmy Thomas. (There will be quality requirements for the photo – think high-quality of the Glamour Shots caliber.)

* Each winner will have full rights to their e-book, to do with as they wish.
* Bryl and the winner will appear as authors.
* They will also receive a cover flat of their cover, signed personally to them by Jimmy Thomas.

Now get creative and email your story ideas to:

Deadline to get story ideas in is May 31, 2011, no exceptions.

This is not the photo that will be used for the winner’s cover, but don’t you agree, lucky girl?


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