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Dragger Ella


Dragger Ella

By: C. Margery Kempe | Other books by C. Margery Kempe
C Margery Kempe | Other books by C Margery Kempe
Published By: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
ISBN # 9781605923000
Word Count: 7958
Heat Index  

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (.prc), Mobipocket (.mobi), Rocket, Epub

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About the book

Ella is looking for a hot race not a hot guy, but that cute,heartthrob mechanic, J.D., gets her motor running. Will he still want to kiss her when she beats him to the finish line? And how did she lose her shoe?

An excerpt from the book

Dragger Ella
By C. Margery Kempe

Ella closed the hood and wiped her hands on the rag hanging out of her pocket. “She’s ready.”

With a grin spreading like sunshine across her face, she looked over at her friend, Jeri, whose lips contracted into a moue of concern.

“No, not really,” Jeri said at last.

Ella turned her attention to buffing out a stray grease mark from the gleaming hood of the cherry red Ford.

“You are so not going through with this!” Jeri insisted.

Ella put her hands on her hips. “You think I’ve spent all year rebuilding her engine and shining her chrome just to drive to the mall?”

“Hey, I shined most of that chrome, sister,” Jeri said. “But the South End? You think that’s a good idea? Your gran isn’t going to be happy about that.”

“Shut up!” Ella shot a look toward the kitchen window, but her grandmother did not appear. Since she could remember, the woman had had an unnerving habit of popping up whenever Jeri and she were conspiring.

As if reading Ella’s thoughts, Jeri tossed a look over her shoulder, too. “You know she’s going to find out. Somehow, someway, you know she will.”

Ella tossed the oily rag at Jeri, who dodged it easily.

“Not this time, girly girl,” Ella said. “I’ve got it all planned. I’ll make my debut, and I will blow them all off the road. What’s the good of having a sweet custom hot rod if we can’t show it off?”

Jeri shook her head. “I hear the cops busted a bunch of draggers up there. You don’t want to get mixed up in that.”

“Yes, I do.”

Jeri sighed. “This is about your dad, isn’t it? Still?”

Ella crossed her arms. “It’s what he would have wanted.”

Jeri snorted. “Did a little bluebird fly by and tell you that? Did it say, ‘hey, Ella, your daddy whispered to me in heaven and he said, by all means, girls, risk your life drag racing in the streets so you can come up here and join me real soon’?”

“I’ll be fine.” Ella sneaked another peak up at the kitchen window, but there was no sign of her gran. “You know he would want Cherry Bomb to be triumphant once more.”

Jeri threw herself down into the lawn chair sitting on the gravel beside the driveway. The chair’s old, aluminum frame gave a frightening squeak, and for a moment, Ella expected the whole thing to collapse.

“Ella, it’s not as if he died in the car—”

“I know,” Ella said, her voice low. “It might have been better for him if he had. He would have loved going out like that, instead of the, the—straw death he got.”

“Straw death?” Jeri cocked an eyebrow.

Ella smiled. “I see you weren’t listening in English class this week.”

“Yeah, surprising, isn’t it? Less than a month left of our last year of high school and you think I’m listening to anything? Besides, that woman scares me.” Ms. Fountain had been the bane of Jeri’s existence this last year.

“But don’t you just love the stuff about the Vikings? That’s what they called dying when you weren’t in battle. A straw death. Dying in bed instead of in a fight. It was the biggest disappointment.”

“What, they lived in barns?”

“Their beds were made of straw, silly.” She grabbed Jeri’s arm. “Now c’mon. We have a little story to concoct for gran.”


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