Text Play

I’ve got a new publication this week from Noble Romance! Text Play is a D/s sexting story and it’s about as steamy as you can get! A strong woman who wants a strong man. Isn’t that cover great, too? Andrei found her on Facebook. Natalia wasn’t sure she wanted to rekindle the past. But what if he turned out to be the one man who could bring her to her knees? 

Want a little taste? Here’s s snippet:

…but today it had been Andrei with his wicked grin and his Saville Row suit and the seductive words, I should never have let you go. Natalia let an hour go by before responding. In the space of that time a wave of emotions washed over her parched skin. His words intrigued her—and let’s admit it, fed her ego—but would she be interested if she hadn’t kicked Bryan to the curb six months before? She stared at that little cleft between his eyebrows as if trying to bore a hole into his brain in order to see his true thoughts.

 Did he mean it? That’s what she kept asking herself. Does it matter?

A voice that sounded a lot like Melanie’s answered her at last. Just have fun.

The thought of some fun unfroze her hands and let her type a response. Forget the call he’d made five years ago, when she and Bryan were happy and fearless. Then she had smugly told him there was no need for him to call her again. But now single, again, Natalia looked at his hands in the photo and remembered the things they had done to her and how good they had felt. You gave up too easily, she typed in her reply at last, hesitating a moment before hitting send, but smiling as she did so. Let’s see where this goes.

Natalia was a bit nervous because she’d seen no relationship status on his profile at all. He could simply be ego trolling, for all she knew. Distract yourself, she scolded, reading headlines instead of waiting for him to respond. But it was only seven minutes later that his response arrived.

I won’t this time.

Feeling like a teen again, she turned on the chat function and the words flew between them. He was in Norwich, she in London. He had been married and divorced to a woman named Marilyn; she had been with Bryan for nearly five years. Andrei worked with computers, Natalia continued her life in public relations. They were both doing well. They were both unattached.

Give me your mobile number.

Why did she hesitate? Natalia tapped her fingers on the keyboard without pressing the keys. Everything was so complicated. The things she’d discovered about her own libido, the things Bryan couldn’t or wouldn’t do—they were the reasons she’d kicked him out. I know what I want. Natalia looked at Andrei’s picture again. I just don’t know if you will want to do them.


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