Sing Along

You know how it is when you fall in love and your head gets full of those silly songs? I had a chance to ramble on about some of my favourite love songs over at Betty Herbert’s 52 Seductions blog and share some of my favourites. Come on over and sing a few with me.

I think growing up the only girl among brothers and male cousins, I got used to playing tough and being strong, so I’ve always found it difficult to let out my inner romantic. Maybe I just needed the right opportunity to do so. Writing has always been my way of discovering what’s really going on inside me. It’s no accident that I fell into writing romance in recent years,  although it seemed like it at the time. Just a whim, I thought. Hee — what did I know? Sigh (a happy sigh).

Good news: TEXT PLAY is now available on Amazon, so you Kindle folk can load that one up, too. A little B/D sexting sound good to you? And of course FOUR PLAY is over there, too. It’s got a little of everything: sorry to make it sound Suess-like but there’s on a golf course, in a bus, in the library… tied to a chair >_< hee hee. Something for everyone.


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