Come See Me Talk at NUIG!

I have been invited by one of my colleagues to speak during Shag Week at the National University of Ireland Galway. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a week devoted to promoting good sexual health and guidance for students. While “sexual awareness” weeks on American campuses seem to be all about DANGER! Shag Week celebrations are usually more focused on cheeky fun. Hence, the invitation to me. Here’s the event description:

The PenIs mightier than the Sword

Friday February 17, 2012


AC201 Concourse – NUI Galway

As part of NUI Galway Student Unions SHAG Week, the English Society Entices you to..

An Evening with Erotic Fiction Writer C. Margery Kempe

Yes, I will be talking about how out of date that image is (O_o) and how most of their assumptions about romance writing are probably wrong as well, and how much smug sneering goes on about romance because it’s primarily read by [gasp!] women. I suggest you follow along on Twitter and take a drink every time someone uses words like “formulaic” and “fantasy” with bonus points for “middle-aged women” though I expect we’d all be passing out before the talk is over.

Let’s hope for a little education which ought to lead to greater respect for all kinds of genre writing. Or else somebody’s going to get a spanking, I can tell you! 😉


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