Now Available: Man City

I’m so happy to announce my new publication, Man City, with a new press here in Ireland, Tirgearr Publishing. I have to say I adore this cover. Is that one smug lookin’ gal or what? She has every reason to be smirking, too. Here’s the blurb:

Footie brought two best friends together; no matter that one was Shai’s ex and the other her current boyfriend. When she flirts with Stuart on the bus ride home, Shai begins to formulate an idea to make match night more rewarding for all three of them.

Of course by footie here I mean real football, not that American kind. I really don’t know how people watch that: there seems to be an awful lot of nothing happening, ten seconds of action and then lots and lots of commercials. I guess you have to grow up with it. When I lived in Texas for a time, I realised that in some parts of the country it is truly a religion.

Not that I’m a huge fan: the story was inspired by a friend in Manchester and the title seemed too perfect to pass up. Once I had that in place, it was only natural to find ways to work in useful details that suited the setting. Of course you’ll note that the cover doesn’t have Man City’s sky blue and white, but Arsenal’s red and white. Surely a coincidence! [Go Gunners!]

Here’s a little teaser from the full on sexy story; while requires a PG-13 rating, this book is as scorching as it gets with frank, sexual language throughout (which made it tricky to find an excerpt!):

They were going to have an interesting night; the first time all three of them were together again. It was a good thing.

Shai hadn’t meant to come between a couple of old friends. Stuart and Joe had known each other longer than she had known either one. Men were always so sentimental about their pasts. She delighted in the way they were like crazy teens though, especially when a match was involved.

They could all watch the match tonight together— nothing awkward about it at all. Probably.

Her phone chimed again. On the long ride home? Got something to read?

Shai smiled and looked over the shoulder of the guy in front of her again. Aww, yeah. He readjusted himself while his gaze remained on the book, but she found it easy to see the shape pressing against his trousers. A familiar warmth crept up the back of her neck. Maybe it was the growing arousal making her type back.

The guy in front of me must be reading something good…

Stuart would have no trouble jumping to the right conclusion about what ‘something good’ meant. She chuckled to herself as she sent the text on its way, but jumped when the phone unexpectedly rang in her hand. “What?”

“Does he have a hard-on?” Stuart’s soft voice purred in her ear.

Shai giggled again. “Yes, he does,” she said as quietly as possible.

“Can you see the title? Of the book I mean.”


“And how is all this affecting you?”

“I can’t really talk about that just now,” Shai evaded, her eyes quickly darting to the people around her to see if see if they were listening. She feared her vague replies to Stuart would be like a neon sign betraying her arousal.

“But you can listen,” Stuart insisted.

“Listen to what?”

“Oh, just a few questions,” Stuart said, his voice taking on that innocent tone she knew better than to trust.

“Like what?”

“Is his hair black? Brown? Blonde? Oh, god—not ginger is it?”

She smothered a laugh. “Brown.”

“Hands large?”

“No, fairly small.”

“Well, can’t be much of one, can it.”

Shai couldn’t smother the laugh that time. The woman across the aisle stared at this outburst.

Sorry, Shai mouthed, lowering her voice again.

“It’s hard to tell,” she said diplomatically. “Not enough to go on yet.”

“Are you looking then? Go on then. Give it a good eyeball, girl.”

By the sudden flush she felt, her cheeks had to have been bright red. “I am.”

There was no denying it. He was making her wet—as usual. Shai found it impossible not to think about Stuart’s not-at-all-small hands roughly squeezing her tits as he liked to do, or plunging his thick fingers into… I am such an easy mark!

“I can hear you breathing,” Stuart said with mock sternness. “Am I making you wet?”

“Yes.” The word came out like a breath.

“What a naughty girl you are.”

I hope you enjoy my novelette Man City. Check out all the new and forthcoming titles from Tirgearr. They’ll be having their official launch the end of the month, but I get to be one of the early ones out of the gate! 🙂

The book is up at Smashwords and at Kindle. Want to win something? Suggest what my next focus sports story should feature — darts? Croquet? Curling?! — and the best answer wins a $10 Amazon gift certificate. You have until Friday the 17th to enter.

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