What’s the truth behind the hype?

Nights of Passion

Channel 4 had a pop doco on the 50 Shades phenomenon. The show had a mixture of good and bad, as these things usually do. I’ve been fascinated by the hostile responses to the books (or their success, depending on how you look at it). I understand people who just don’t like to read about sex (well, I understand that they exist O.O even if I don’t understand why), I understand writers envious of their attention (especially since most folks tell me the writing isn’t all that much to envy — note to self: while some people enjoy beautiful writing, just about everyone gets hooked into a good story), but I’m particularly fascinated by the often vitriolic hatred (especially by men) who loudly say they wouldn’t sink so low as to actually read it, but hate everything it represents.

Quite a trick to hate something of which you’re ignorant:…

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