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Nights of Passion

Just DessertsBy C. Margery Kempe

How do your characters earn their just desserts?

Last time I was thinking about making characters suffer, and that’s certainly part of it. You want to see them go through the fire. If they’re just handed good fortune on a plate, you figure they’re not likely to really appreciate their good fortune.

So being an unkindly goddess I want to make them work out problems. I know with Swan Prince a big part of the story tension came first from figuring out what this seemingly perfect guy had to hide — because Charles seemed to be hiding something. Of course Lena had no idea what his big secret was. You don’t really expect a guy to turn into a bird on you!

So the next thing was figuring out just how to stop him from turning into a swan. For Lena this called on her crafting…

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