Excerpt: Man City

Man City by C. Margery Kempe - 500Following in the footsteps of my esteemed colleague and editor Kemberlee Shortland, I’m going to make a special this month of giving you excerpts from my books. First up, my sexy footie ménage Man City. You can also see a video about its inspiration here.

Let’s catch up with Shai, who’s just had some hasty sex with Joe in the kitchen after some sexting with her ex on the bus home:

God, it’s great to date a fella who cooks! Shai kissed the back of his neck then grabbed the open bottle of rioja and poured herself a glass. What a great start to the evening. I must look like the cat who ate the canary. It was all she could do not to touch herself. Instead, she sipped her wine and decided to go have a bath before changing into more comfortable clothes.

“Did Stuart text you?” Joe called as she walked out of the kitchen.

Shai froze.

“Stuart?” she asked, trying to cover her guilt with a little vagueness.

“Yeah, he asked what to bring and I said it was covered, but he said he’d text you.” Joe didn’t look up from his chopping. Now it was onions. He had a methodical approach to the process of cooking. And other things. Shai pictured Joe’s approach to eating her out. Feast indeed.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, hoping her voice sounded completely casual. “I told him to bring some red wine for me.”

Joe laughed and carried on with his chopping.

Shai ambled along to the bedroom, luxuriating in the afterglow. Throwing her shoes in the corner, she dumped her clothes in the hamper and started to run a bath. A little of her favourite bath oil assured her skin would be soft and spicy for the evening.

Ah, but what difference does it make? We’re only watching footie.

At least with Joe, that wasn’t a nightly occurrence. He was likewise indifferent to rugby, cricket, and darts, which Stuart could not do without.

Sighing, she slipped into the warm water. Such a delicious feeling! She soaped herself with the giant sponge and thought about the evening to come. The boys looked forward to another good match. What did she have to look forward to? Shouts, beers, and too much food! But it would be nice having the two of them shouting at the telly again like old times.

The transition from boyfriend to friend was tough. In the past, she had generally found it easier just to abandon a relationship. Most guys had little interest in being friends once the lure of sex disappeared. But Shai remained fond of Stuart. He could make her laugh like no one else.

And no one was more daring than Stuart. She giggled remembering the time they had had a quickie in the women’s loo at the Britannia Hotel during her cousin’s wedding reception. Her aunt had walked in while they were still at it, commenting about the commonness of ‘some people’ while the two of them tried not to laugh too loudly.

Shai grinned. Stuart had been very naughty today, too. He knew how to get her motor racing. Despite the hot action with Joe, she had a restless feeling and was hungry for more. Cupping her breasts in the warm water, she thought about the last time she and Stuart had made love. He had been sweet and there was more than a touch of regret in their union. Stuart had kissed her tenderly while thrusting slowly into her, as if to make it last as long as possible. They both agreed breaking up had been for the best, but that farewell had almost made her have second thoughts.

Fortunately, Joe quickly banished those doubts. Oh, how he had romanced her! He didn’t start the minute she and Stuart broke up, but she had been pretty sure he was champing at the bit to do so.

And the ways he seduced her! He obviously knew her weak points: sex and food—and not always in that order.

The first time he cooked an elaborate meal for her, she had thought, Enjoy this while you can! But Joe actually loved to cook and she had been delighted to discover he played the chef most nights, unless he had to work late or they both found themselves too knackered for anything but takeaway.

His charms went far beyond the kitchen, too. Joe had some kind of sixth sense for those wretched days when nothing went right, like texting her something sweet just when felt down or annoyed.  He always picked up a little box of chocolates or a book she’d mentioned, wanting just to make her smile.

He paid attention to her. A simple thing, but so important.

I feel loved. Shai smiled. That’s it. I always felt desired by Stuart. But Joe makes me feel loved.

Joe worked the same magic in the bedroom. He attended to her pleasure. It made her want to please him just as much, but he always insisted on her being well taken care of before he would consent to the indulgence of say, a blow job or some creative massage.

Stuart had always been a lot more self-centred. Shai often found herself frustrated with his refusal to pay as much attention to her pleasure as he did his own.

At least until he realised she was leaving him…

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