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Nights of Passion

Man City by C. Margery Kempe - 500by C. Margery Kempe

Most writers are doing their best to get you to read their books, doing promotional tours and offering free reads at their websites (ahem) or contests to win a copy of the latest publication. All of this is good. The most difficult part of publishing right now is getting found in the sea of publications flooding out there every day.

But the big issue remains the same whether you’re talking about the latest Kindle release or a narrative scratched out on parchment: can you hook the reader?

I hesitated to respond to a comment from an acquaintance recently about how discouraged he had become at not getting anything published despite having the support of people where he had learned the craft of writing. Catching the eye of an editor is the first step in getting your book out to readers, so you need to…

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