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Nights of Passion

Man City by C. Margery Kempe - 500by C. Margery Kempe

“All unfulfilled desires are imprisoned children.”
― Anais Nin

We know what we want, but sometimes we try to talk ourselves out of it. Why? We all have myriad pressures on us from those close to us and from the more nebulous forces of society. How many of these voices do you recognise?

“It’s not ladylike.”

“No respectable woman would do that.”

“Aren’t you ashamed?”

There’s no shortage of people to tell us we’re wrong, particularly when it comes to desire. Religions, politicians, pundits — everyone seems to know how we should feel. But we know it’s not true. Don’t we?

Own your desire.

Do not allow anyone to tell you what is right for you. You don’t have to love the alpha male, you don’t have to love the beta male. You don’t have to love the male at all! There is every kind…

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