Oh, those dashing rogues!

Lady Smut

by C. Margery Kempe

I’m sure if I could unlock the source of my attraction to shambolic rogues, all of my life would fall neatly into some kind of logical coherence, my mind would be suffused with peace and tranquility and doubtless my days would be filled with a calm success and fulfillment.

But I doubt that’ll ever happen.

From an early age I can remember being drawn to these wild and unpredictable characters who are likely to cause trouble, wreak havoc, drink to excess and feed all their appetites to excess. Of course I also wanted to be Jim West from Wild Wild West, too. Surely a certain amount of the attraction is wanting to be like that myself. To care for no one, scoff at any rule and devil take the hindmost — it certainly appeals to a young person who feels as if she meets resistance…

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