Out Now: Make Me Beg for It

Make Me Beg 2Out now: my collection of four sexy romance stories (about 20-25K words altogether). There’s a real variety here: modern and medieval, magical and realistic. Here’s the introduction to give you a bit of an idea of the genesis of this collection.

For the buccaneers (but only the fictional ones) –

Once upon a time there was a heroine and she met a noble knight. At first they were perfectly happy, but then he lost his head. For a time, she tried to continue on as they had done before, but an empty headed knight suits no one. She wrapped up all the food in the larder and hit the road to find her luck, because it turned out that she didn’t really need a noble knight (who wasn’t all that noble after all…)

She made new and more delicious dishes from the food. And she lived happily ever after.


Four tales that weave romantic tangles with steamy encounters. There’s the hapless girl whose father makes a boast about her spinning abilities (never mind she’s really he). In another tale a would-be street racer finds that real men respect a gal with a fast car and plenty of moxie. A third tale finds a bar maid who’s down in the dumps until she finds — a talking frog?! There’s also a couple who reconnect when they take sexting to an all new level. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s always hot!

For a limited time, it’s FREE on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app. So hurry!

11 thoughts on “Out Now: Make Me Beg for It

      • OK so This one is around 2K and JD is around 1K. But that’s close in the grand scheme of things. Most important, you’re in both books 🙂

        I’ll give this one a thorough read. I’ve already read Ella. Fabulous story. A girl after my own heart, being a hot rod chick and all! You mentioned medieval and magical. I’m all over that too. I’ll put my order in soon for more stories for Tirgearr 😀

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