Out Now — Man City: Lizzie!

Man City Lizzie by C. Margery Kempe - 500

I loved Man City so much I had to go back again. The original Man City gal, Shai, got her footie-mad boyfriend and ex-boyfriend into some interesting entanglements. 😉 Now we check out adventures with Lizzie, who works at the Manchester Art Gallery, which has a terrific collection of Pre-Raphaelite art. Lizzie would make a great model for those nineteenth century painters, who had a fondness for red heads with abundant locks. Lizzie can’t make up her mind between the cool professional Nigel — who cooks like a dream! — and the madcap Jake — unpredictable and wild in all areas of his life. But Nigel wants them to be exclusive. Whatever will Lizzie do? 😉

Drop over to Tigearr and read more, then pick up Man City: Lizzie for yourself.

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