Make Your Characters Suffer?

I need to make mine suffer a LOT more!

Lady Smut

swan princeby C. Margery Kempe

My brother and I had been watching a lot of Austen and Dickens while I was still in NY. He’s been especially happy to see the era of furniture he’s been buying for our 1810 house (which is slowly coming together, though there’s lots of work to be done). Seriously: in Sense & Sensibility (the BBC miniseries version from a couple of years ago, which he insists on calling Sense and Sensible Shoes) there was a dresser exactly like the one he bought at auction a couple weeks ago.

Day made for him!

For me, I’ve been thinking about why I love these 19th century novels (and miniseries) and I’ve decided that it’s the suffering. The characters go through so many reversals and terrible things and unfortunate mishaps that when the end comes — for those who survive! — the pay off is that much…

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