Selling Yourself

Still not quite comfortable with it.

Lady Smut

Mae West Driftedby C. Margery Kempe

One of the nice things about social media is that even though we writers are supposed to be selling ourselves — or at least our books — all the time, it’s actually nice to be surprised that it works without trying sometimes.

I had a couple of unexpected nice moments this week: someone who read one of my releases, liked it and now wants to interview me. Yay! That’s easy enough to do and I’m always happy to be interviewed and of course, to hear pleasant things about my writing.

More difficult was someone who DM’d me on Twitter, said she wanted to read something of mine (presumably having liked what I had to say online) so what should she read.

Argh — I don’t know!

It depends. This was actually someone responding to my given name as a writer, so I had to…

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