Writer Wednesday: Finishing Things

It’s good to move on sometimes.

K. A. Laity

2013-08-04 12.23.26Okay, maybe the picture is a bit heavy handed 😉 but this is an important issue, one worth repeating. When I mentioned typing “the end” on my latest novel this week, the fabulous academic/comics writer Mary Talbot wrote (perhaps somewhat jestingly), “But do you really just write to THE END then stop? What about the endless revisions and inability to let go?” I do know a lot of writers who hold onto a manuscript for far longer than they should, so let me ask again:

Are you an inveterate tinkerer?

I know some people who have been revising the same novel for years. This is not a sign of craftsmanship. At the very least it’s a sign of delaying — and at worst it’s a sign of neurosis. Certainly part of it is fear: because the next step is sending it out there where it may be trashed, sneered at…

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