Chastity Flame at Bouchercon

Busy me!

Lady Smut

Chas 3 by 3

by C. Margery Kempe

I’m away at Bouchercon, the mystery & crime writers conference, so here’s a teaser from my forthcoming Chastity Flame novel A Cut-Throat Business which I’m promoting there along with my noir titles.

Chastity groaned and collapsed on the bed. “You’re spoiling me.”

Damien threw himself down beside her and chuckled. “That’s my intention.” They had not got out of bed for more than a quick trip to the door for takeaway since the day before, and even with the windows open all you could smell was the rich scent of pleasure emanating from the tangle of linen enfolding them.

“Now that my fiendish plan has been revealed, Miss Twelfty Flame, I’m afraid I am going to have to kill you. Let me explain the intricacies of my evil plan while I stroke my little kitty cat.”

Chastity squealed as he tried to slip his hand between…

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