How do you spell ‘Luxury’? M-O-R-E


Lady Smut

Man City Martin by C Margery Kempe - 500by C. Margery Kempe

It’s getting toward that unmentionable part of the year when people want to rush through work to get things done before the holidays and families make demands and suddenly everybody’s wearing a rictus grin while they curse under their breath and buy more presents they don’t want to give to people who don’t really want them.

Why not chuck all that — if only for an hour or two — and give yourself the gift of luxury?

It doesn’t have to be much, not really. Oh sure, if it’s in your budget splurge on that trip to the tropics or to your favourite ski resort in Switzerland. But even if you don’t have the dosh, there’s plenty of ways to treat yourself if you just remember that important word more.

Any number is fine with me — as long as it’s more.
I’m no mathematician
All I…

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