Put Your Witch Hat On

I got mine on 😉

Lady Smut

rs_634x951-130903134107-634.American-Horror-Coven-Poster.mh.090313by C. Margery Kempe

I could not resist watching American Horror Story: Coven even though I usually have to laugh at portrayals of witches in popular culture. I don’t think doctors would find much to relate to in the way medical dramas show their lives and professions, so I can’t really take it personally (if you want some thoughtful yet fun pagan analysis, I’d suggest you check out the discussions by my pal Peg Aloi and her colleague Lilith Dorsey over at Patheos).

There’s no doubt that the witch has been (and continues to be) a scapegoat for fear. But she has also long been an icon of sexual strength and power, and that is one of the tropes that actually has some power in the series. As silly as the plot threads have been and as random as the actions of the characters are (and oh…

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