A last NaNoWriMo snippet: Knight of the White Hart

From my gentler alter ego: a medieval adventure!

Kathryn 'Kit' Marlowe

NaNo“What a perfect garden,” Guigemar said on sudden inspiration. “I finally understand the glories of paradise and all that was lost.”

Eleanor laughed, but on seeing him start, calmed her mirth. “I am sorry for laughing, but I was just longing for the beauties of the garden of my homeland. I am indeed grateful for this sanctuary within my prison,” she said with a sad smile. “Yet if you could see the gardens I grew up among! The maze is, why, at least ten feet high and if you become lost within its walls, servants would throw food over the walls until a rescue could be devised for a more cunning puzzle you never saw.”

“Heavens!” the knight said with wonder.

“It’s true.” Constance agreed as she carved some cheese from the rind to arrange in a pretty pattern upon a plate. “I was terrified to ever set foot inside…

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