M/M vs Gay Romance

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Lady Smut

martinby C. Margery Kempe

As I’m popping around doing promo for my M/M/M ménage MAN CITY: MARTIN, part of the ménage series MAN CITY, I’ve been a bit nonplussed to find so much confusion regarding ‘gay romance’ as opposed to “M/M” among readers, particularly those who don’t normally read it.

I tried to write MARTIN so the story appealed to both audiences, but it’s good to remember that there are two very different audiences for all male-romance and erotica: women who love to ready about the sexy men and gay men who love to read about the sexy men. Magic if you can please both, but they’re coming at the material from different perspectives, particularly the M/M genre’s roots in slash fiction, stories created by fans linking popular characters romantically. It takes its name from the Kirk/Spock romances way back in the 60s fandom.

I wrote a…

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