On the Radio Today!

Man City Martin by C Margery Kempe - 500

I’ll be on the radio with some of my fellow Tirgearr Publishing authors today, talking about how music influences our writing (or doesn’t!). Dellani’s describes it like this:

I’m hijacking Tea Time once again. This time, my friends and I are chatting about music to write by.

Join the team, Christina Giguere, Karen Vaughan and Dellani Oakes, when we chat with Kemberlee Shortland, C. Margery Kempe and Troy Lambert.

Put on your dancing shoes and crank it up, because we’re going to talk music!

Join us and hear about the ways we use music to create mood or just the right frame of mind to work. Call in and offer  your opinions, too!

LISTEN LIVE – 9 PM GMT / 4 PM Eastern US / find your timezone

Join us for the laughs.

Relevant links that may come up in conversation:

BBC Radio 3 — my accompaniment for writing the Kit Marlowe medieval romance Knight of the White Hart for NaNoWriMo.

Falling for The Fall

Music is my Haka

UPDATE: If you missed the show, you can hear it as a podcast.


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