Inspiration: Jacqueline Susann

Fascinating woman!

Lady Smut

Jacqueline Susannby C. Margery Kempe

When I was growing up, there seemed to be a lot more writers on television. Not tucked away on obscure cable channels (ah, terrestrial television!) but on the chat shows like other important people. Back then people didn’t only appear to plug things — or if they did, they bothered to be charming not just bored and hitting all the release dates.

Surely one of the most alluring of the public writers — i.e. people knew by name on sight — was Jacqueline Susann. She started out thinking she might want to be an actor, but found the endless casting calls a drag. She amused herself writing letters “from” her poodle Josephine to her friends and when one said she should write a book as Josephine, the penny dropped.

Every Night, Josephine! was the kind of novelty book that didn’t especially suggest a career ahead, but…

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