Spring Fling

Lady Smut

bee by C. Margery Kempe

I’ve been giving the side eye to the snow which has kept it away from upstate New York for the most part (other regions, sorry — my powers only extend so far). But I suspect that spring will be coming up just around the corner. In Scotland we’ve already got the crocuses and snowdrops popping up.

I think spring will hit the northeast with a bang.

Spring is a fever. Especially in the north. I lived in the south for some years and while it has its own seasons, they’re subtle (in Houston it was oh god, I’m dying from the heat and the humidity changing to oh god, I can breathe but it’s still too hot).

When winter means snow and lots of it (this year particularly so) as well as really cold temperatures, spring isn’t just a point on the calendar — it’s…

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