Out Now: One Night in Rome!

One Night in Rome by C Margery Kempe - 500One Night in Rome is out today! It’s part of Tirgearr’s City Nights series of sexy encounters that so far include One Night in Boise (!) and One Night in Paris.

My novella is dedicated to my friends Alessandra and John (who are also writers themselves) and share a unique love story that also involves Rome — but that’s their story, so I leave it to them to tell what they will 🙂

But Alessandra was also my guide to Rome and there is nothing like being introduced to the eternal city by a true Roman. There’s a part of the story where Celia tastes Roman artichokes for the first time and is completely overwhelmed by the simple wonder of the taste.

That’s real. That’s me remembering again that amazing flavour. Oh! If nothing else, that would get me back to Rome. I love sauces and complex meals, but I have to say the tastes I often long for are simple ones like those artichokes.

Of course the history and the art are a huge draw as well. There’s so much to see! Alessandra expertly arranged our days so we saw so much — including the Caravaggios in little churches, the ones that don’t travel like the museum-owned ones. I love Caravaggio’s dark, sensual paintings full of life and passion. To see them in the places they were made for adds such an extra dimension of wonder.

New discoveries buoyed me, too: I had sort of been aware of Bernini’s sculptures from photos in books, but to see so many of them at once in close quarters — I was completely seduced. In particular, I was captivated by the same  one Celia goes to visit in the Villa Borghese: Apollo and Daphne.


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