Beltane, Baby!

So are you shaking the darling buds of May?

Lady Smut

Spinning Gold by C Margery Kempe - 500by C. Margery Kempe

Hey, who knows the Celtic holiday of Beltane? Traditionally considered the time when it was safe to return to ahem fornicating in the fields, there’s a lot of folderol and myth built up around the holiday that occurs in May first. Of course I want to get my oar in early because it’s become a big deal in Scotland so I expect all you Outlander fans to dive into the next big thing, as the Telegraph says Beltane is making a comeback with the mundanes, too. They tie it to the modern need to reconnect and the training from music festivals, but with more meaning:

“Beltane is a rural pre-Christian prehistoric tradition which saw communities come together after long winters of isolation,” [Pauline Bambry] says. “It marked their connection not just to nature but to each other. That need to belong to something or someone…

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