Duran Duran Returns!

The 80s are back…

Lady Smut

Photo credit: Stephanie Pistel Photo credit: Stephanie Pistel

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in ecstasy. Duran Duran announced on Twitter that they will have a new album and tour starting this month in Spain, eventually meandering across the US and then finishing up in Britain. While my tastes veer more toward punk than the New Romantics, I was there at the start of MTV’s influential run, so I have a soft spot for the Double D boys, largely because their Russell Mulcahey videos were a lot of fun and usually pretty sexy, too.

Who can forget the overheated theatrics of ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’? I know ‘This is Planet Earth’ was before that but honestly, it was just a bit too silly and too far on the lace and ruffles side of the New Romantic playbook. HLTW really took advantage of the Sri Lankan setting…

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