Confidence is Sexy

As long as it doesn’t tip over into arrogance —

Lady Smut

I am crazy busy as usual (writing under so many names!). The joy of my summers is that I have a looser schedule than when I am teaching (never mind that I am in Scotland instead of New York, so very very happy). So many good things are happening — spending time with my family, seeing friends here and there, reading (such a luxury!) and of course, writing lots.

There are always times when confidence slips away, but at present I am soaring high [knocks wood]. It’s amazing how much easier everything is when you’re confident. Hurdles are jumped, delays laughed at and problems simply provide new routes to success (would that it could always be thus). Because much of my viewing is chosen by a wee lady, this is the song of my confidence at present:

I guess it’s part of being a certain age but rock-n-roll equates with…

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