City Nights Sale!

oninromebycmkempe200Join the HUGE City Nights Series sale on eBook Discovery, which begins today Thursday 3 May! All books just 99c/99p for your Kindle!!

Every week over the next four weeks, Tirgearr and EBD will be featuring nine books in the City Nights Series. This is the best time to invest in such a great series. Mark your calendars:

Image result for finger pointing emoji animated Week 1: 3-8 May (THIS WEEK)

One Night in Boise by Troy Lambert
One Night in Paris by Lucy Felthouse
One Night in Rome by C Margery Kempe
One Night in New Orleans by Kristi Nicholas
One Night in San Francisco by Cass Peterson
One Night in Amsterdam by Jaz Hatfield
One Night in Edinburgh by Charlotte Howard
One Night in Madrid by JD Martins
One Night in Dublin by Kemberlee Shortland

Week 2: 10-15 May

One Night in Salamanca by Elena Reid
One Night in Biarritz by Izzy French
One Night in Chicago by Megan Morgan
One Night in Barcelona by Mary T Bradford
One Night in Pamplona by JD Martins
One Night in New York City by Lisa Fox
One Night in Brussels by Elizabeth Coldwell
One Night in Daytona Beach by Dellani Oakes
One Night in Cleveland by Megan Morgan

Week 3: 17-22 May

One Night in Los Angeles Katey Lovell
One Night in Budapest by Lucy Felthouse
One Night in Charlotte by Daily Hollow
One Night in Boston by JD Martins
One Night in Cape Town by Lily Harlem
One Night in Aberdeen by Charlotte Howard
One Night in Manchester by Victoria Blisse
One Night in Sydney by Jan Graham
One Night in New Delhi by Kemberlee Shortland

Week 4: 24-29 May

One Night in Oxford by Clarice Clique
One Night in Minneapolis by Margie Church
One Night in Washington, DC by Jordan Monroe
One Night in Kuala Lumpur by Abbey MacMunn
One Night in Venice by Eden Walker
One Night in Zanzibar by Evan Purcell
One Night in Havana by Kathleen Rowland
One Night in Inverness by Charlotte Howard

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